I came up with this idea to make “bingo” cards at the shop when drafting our 2019 goals. I went back and forth between thinking it’s a genius idea and thinking it’s soooooo lame! But I am trying to be adventurous in our marketing efforts. Sometimes the things I don’t think are going to work end up being a smashing success. So I spent my commute home from school one evening designing these and sending them to print. Fingers crossed!

This is how it works: Anytime you come in this month and get a qualifying item, you get a punch. (And you’re not limited to one punch per visit — in theory, you could buy all the items and complete 2 online orders in one day and get ALL THE PUNCHES.) Get all the punches, and you can enter your card into a drawing for 1 of 4 $50 Rebelle gift cards. This is such a numbers game for you, I hope you realize your odds of winning are way higher than you think. According to our data, most people are creatures of habit (though we didn’t really need data to tell you that) and they won’t try something new for the sake of playing a game. BUT YOU WILL! And you will be rewarded handsomely for it.

We have a limited number of cards, so only up to 1000 people will be in the pool fighting for a gift card. Obviously not everyone is completing the challenge — I think on the super high optimistic end of things, maybe 5-10% of people will get all the punches. If you’re one of them, that gives you a 1 in 25 chance of winning a gift card. AT WORST. That’s pretty good odds.

So: Come show these bingo cards some love! If you have one, let me know how many punches you have so far — I’d love to get into the competitive spirit :-)