coming soon to the east side of providence!


coming soon to the east side of providence!


providence deserves really great bagels.

We couldn't find the bagels we wanted to eat, so we made them ourselves. We're proud to be sharing our artisanal bagels with our neighbors starting in Summer 2017!

So what makes us special? We make bagels the traditional way using King Arthur flour and hand-rolling, cold-fermenting and boiling our bagels before baking them. Our cream cheese flavors are mixed in-house and inspired by fun, global flavors. And we also cure our own lox, which comes to us as whole salmon and is carefully trimmed, seasoned and sliced before ending up in your belly.

Come to one of our pop-ups!

Come to one of our pop-ups!

While we're getting our shop ready, we'll continue to do pop-ups around Providence. Come meet us!

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Where is your store located?

We don't currently have a storefront -- but we are building one! In the mean time, catch us at a weekend pop-up.

... so are you getting a store?

Yes! We're opening on the East Side of Providence in Summer 2017. Read more here

Where do you bake your bagels?

We currently produce at Hope & Main in Warren, RI. We're eternally grateful to them for being our launchpad.

Are your bagels boiled?

Yes! We boil them in a malted barley bath before baking them. Read more about our process here.

What flavor bagels do you carry?

We always carry 5-6 flavors -- 4 core flavors offered every week (poppy, sesame, everything, plain) and 1-2 rotating specialty flavors like maple bourbon cinnamon raisin and cheddar jalapeรฑo. We make pumpernickel every few weeks as well!

I love the [insert flavor] bagel! Why don't you have it this week?

We love getting customer requests and accommodating them as much as we can. We work in a shared kitchen with scheduling constraints, and that forces us to be efficient with our time. Certain types of dough take more time to prepare than what we have available on a given week. That said, if enough of you request it, we will try our hardest to make it happen!

You sold out too early! Can't you make more bagels?

We try to make enough bagels to meet demand, but working in a shared kitchen limits how much time and storage we have available to us. When we have a storefront, we will be able to accommodate greater demand.

Are your bagels vegan?

Yes they are! (Unless otherwise noted, like our cheesy bagels.) All spreads at the moment are dairy-based, but we'd love to work with a vegan spread in the future.

I have an event coming up. Do you take special orders?

We mostly bake on the weekends for our pop-ups, but depending on the size of your event, we may be able to help. Email us!


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