I think pretty much every day we hear one of these comments/questions:

  • Where do you get the flowers?

  • What’s the music playing right now?

And I am here with the briefest of blog posts (this is 100% filler to be real with you) to give you some answers!

The flowers come from The Floral Reserve.


You know about Flowers by Semia, right? She’s only the hottest floral designer (?) in RI, and she also happens to own The Floral Reserve, a beautiful space for wholesale flowers. I met Semia through Instagram, as I have met countless other friends, and we arranged for me to buy flowers at wholesale prices to brighten up our shop. Buying and arranging our flowers is hands-down my favorite Rebelle errand, and I do it every Wednesday morning before I head out to school. Semia always works within my budget, and she and her team are an absolute pleasure. The Floral Reserve is open on Fridays and Saturdays to the general public. The blooms are pricier than what you’d get at the supermarket, but they’re more precious and well worth it.

The music: curated Spotify playlists by me!

I put a good chunk of thought into our music because we have to listen to it all day long. (Also, even though I knew nothing about opening a business, I always noticed how music becomes a part of the environment and brand.) Before we opened, I made the shop its own Spotify account and built a few playlists to rotate depending on the mood/vibe of the day. The music is pretty much what I like to listen to personally, and I try to listen to it as much as I can and weed out the songs that are getting tired. I would describe our soundtrack as the intersection between Millennial Dad Rock (e.g. early works of Interpol, Modest Mouse and The Strokes), Scandinavian Pop Earworms (Robyn, MØ, Lykke Li) and whatever Indie rock we all listened to in college 10 years ago.

FYI: Our playlists are public on Spotify so you can follow them! I’m adding more playlists as I identify different needs —weekend mornings are my next time slot to tackle…