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We now have a blog! Inspired by Clover Food Lab, I have decided to start a blog for us at Rebelle. Clover recently turned 10 years old and hitting such a big milestone gave them an opportunity to reflect back on their history through their blog. It’s hard to imagine making it to 10 years in business, especially when we picked an industry with such a high failure rate, but that’s what we’re hoping for: a moment when we’ll want to reflect back on our successes and failures (which I hope document here in a very candid fashion).

I also want to use this blog as a way to reach out to our customers and other budding entrepreneurs. We imbue everything we do here with a heavy personal touch (our marketing emails are written and signed by me) and having a blog where we can document our thought process around how we run and grow our business will hopefully bring us closer to our customers. Y’all have a question or idea to share? I’m always on email! And for entrepreneurs, we know there is just no blueprint for how you start a business. We all make it up as we go. But I learned (and still learn) a great deal by watching what others do. My biggest hope is that, in some distant corner of the universe, someone is reading this blog, working up the courage to start their own business or learning from our mistakes.

I don’t have an agenda for what I want to write about and a lot of this is going to be very freehand, stream-of-thought kinda vibe. If you have anything Rebelle that you’ve been curious about, hit me up. Let’s start a conversation :-)