we start with the best ingredients.

We've carefully chosen our ingredients to make the best-tasting bagel we can. We use King Arthur's Sir Lancelot flour in our dough, and brewer's grade malted barley gives our bagels their distinctive taste. Our Everything spice mix is blended in-house, so we always strike the right balance of flavors.

then we hand-roll, boil and bake our bagels.

How bagels are shaped affects their final taste and texture. We divide our dough and roll every bagel by hand before sending them to the cooler for a slow fermentation. We then boil them in a malted barley bath -- the same stuff beer is made from! -- and bake them to crispy perfection. Over 24 hours of work give these bagels a uniquely blistered exterior with a slight crunch, a chewy and soft interior, and a delicious malty taste.

we experiment. a lot.

We like to play with flavors in our dough and spreads and a inspired by our favorite foods, seasonal ingredients and local producers. We've made beer and cheese bagels with Revival Brewing and Narragansett Creamery, kimchi cream cheese with Chi Kitchen and sandwiches with The Backyard Food Company's tomato jam.