We'd love to be part of your next gathering!

Our catering menu includes bagels, cream cheeses, lox and platters with everything you need to serve them. Select pastries and boxes of coffee from Borealis Coffee are also available for purchase.

You may pre-order for your event by filling out our Google Form or visiting our store. We appreciate at least 24 hours' notice and 48+ hours notice for large orders (3+ dozen bagels). If you need to place an order on short notice, we suggest visiting our store or leaving us a voicemail.

Please note we only accept pre-orders for items on our catering menu. At this moment, we do not accept same-day take-out phone orders.

Don't see what you want on the menu? We'll gladly prepare custom-ordered items with 48+ hours' notice. Just drop us a note and we'll do our best to make it happen!