Are your bagels boiled?

Yes! We boil them in a malted barley bath before baking them. Read more about our process here.

What flavor bagels do you carry?

Our menu can be found here.

do you have vegan options?

Yes we do! All our bagels are vegan unless otherwise noted (e.g. egg bagels). We have house-made, nut-based vegan spreads and several sandwich options that are vegan by default or can be made vegan by request. We're also happy to offer almond milk for our coffee drinks at no added cost. 

do you have kosher options?

We are not a kosher kitchen. We make some Jewish Deli staples in the traditional style, like chopped liver and babka, because they are delicious and we tip our hat to their culture. We do serve pork and our bacon is cooked in the same ovens as our bagels, making them not kosher.

We have done kosher production runs under the supervision of Rabbi Barry Dolinger of Temple Beth Sholom. To find out when our next kosher production is happening, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media!

do you have gluten-free options?

We currently offer a yogurt parfait with house-made granola and jam, fresh cut fruit and salads to satisfy our customers with gluten intolerance.

We have no plans to introduce a gluten-free bagel. Bagels require high-gluten flour, and we can't guarantee that any goods produced in our kitchen are 100% wheat/gluten free. 

can you accommodate allergies?

We do our best to handle food allergies safely, but we are not an allergen-free facility. If you let us know about your allergy, we'll guide you through the menu and make sure your food is prepared on a freshly cleaned and sanitized surface. The kitchen also takes care to avoid cross-contamination during the baking process.

Can I buy a gift card online?

Yes, you can! Visit our online store to purchase an electronic gift card.

I have an event coming up. Do you take special orders?

You can order bagels, lox platters, coffee boxes and pastries from our online store. We appreciate 48+ hours notice for orders with 3+ dozen bagels. Delivery available in the East Side and Downtown areas of Providence.

can i phone in my order for pick-up?

As of May 2018, we're no longer accepting phone orders. You may order for same-day pick-up through our online store. We do not accept same-day orders on weekends but we're happy to serve you in store!

can you put aside bagels for me if i call ahead?

We only reserve product that has been pre-ordered and paid for through our online store. To ensure best selection, we advise that you visit us early in the day.

my non-profit has an event coming up. can you donate product/gift cards?

Making delicious food costs us money and time and contrary to popular belief, food donations are not tax-deductible for us. We are happy to donate unsold product or gift cards to organizations that align with our values and mission, and only for fundraising purposes. Send us an email with details about your event and organization, and we'll contribute if it is a good fit for us.

Otherwise, if you are interested in having Rebelle at your event, we're happy to schedule you for a pre-order and apply a volume discount for large orders.

Please note we do not donate free food samples/gift cards for private parties, tastings or any kind of event proposed as a marketing opportunity. Lastly, we cannot honor all donation requests -- thanks for understanding!

what do you do with unsold bagels?

We're committed to reducing food waste. We turn unsold bagels into bagel chips, and we work with local groups like the Rhode Island Free Clinic to donate any excess beyond that. If your organization is interested in picking up unsold product, please send us an email with information about your organization's mission and needs.

what's with your prices?

We believe you get what you pay for. High quality ingredients, artisanal techniques and doing business with integrity all add up to the prices you see on the menu. We work with King Arthur flour, a pricey alternative but one we love for its consistent quality and superior taste. We source our coffee from local roaster Borealis Coffee Company, paying a premium for outstanding coffee and supporting a local business. We don't rely on minimum-wage workers or unpaid interns to run our kitchen and serve your bagels. We offer our employees benefits like paid time off and regular team events. We focus on artisanal techniques and do everything from scratch by hand, so we don't have a machine that rolls and spits out hundreds of bagels a day and we don't have a steam oven to bypass the boiling process. We want to continue supporting local producers, paying fair wages (and always moving that goalpost in favor of our team!), and giving our customers the best possible product we can make. If you support how we do business, visit us often!

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