Are your bagels boiled?

Yes! We boil them in a malted barley bath before baking them. Read more about our process here.

What flavor bagels do you carry?

We always carry 5-7 flavors -- 5 core flavors offered every week (poppy, sesame, everything, plain, onion) and 1-2 rotating specialty flavors like beet (Wednesdays) and pumpernickel (Weekends). We're working hard to expand our offerings, so hang in there for us!

I love the [insert flavor] bagel! Why don't you have it this week?

We like to change up our flavors every now and then to keep things interesting. Also, certain types of dough take more time to prepare than what we have available on a given week. That said, if enough of you request it, we will try our hardest to make it happen!

Are your bagels vegan?

Yes they are! (Unless otherwise noted, like our cheesy bagels.) We also offer a cashew-based vegan "cheese" that we make fresh in house weekly!

I have an event coming up. Do you take special orders?

As of September 2017, we're taking special orders with a $50 minimum. To see the menu and place an order for pick-up, click here. (No deliveries at this time, sorry!)

what's with your prices?

We believe you get what you pay for. High quality ingredients, artisanal techniques and doing business with integrity all add up to the prices you see on the menu. We work exclusively with King Arthur flour, a pricey alternative but one we love for its consistent quality and superior taste. We source our coffee from local roaster Borealis Coffee Company, paying a premium for outstanding coffee. We don't rely on minimum-wage workers or unpaid interns to run our kitchen and serve your bagels. We chose not to have a machine that rolls and spits out hundreds of bagels a day and we don't have a steam oven to bypass the boiling process, so we pay skilled members of our community a decent wage to get it done. We want to continue supporting local producers, paying fair wages (and always moving that goalpost in favor of our team!), and giving our customers the best possible product we can make. If you support how we do business, visit us often!

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