• Rebelle Artisan Bagels (map)
  • 110 Doyle Avenue
  • Providence, RI, 02906
  • United States

Let's make some lox! This demonstration-based class will focus on the lox-making process from start to finish. Watch Milena break down a whole salmon (or a few, likely) and debone it, help her cure and spice it, and then finally eat some freshly sliced lox, carved right in front of you. We'll also show you how we utilize the salmon by-product in other applications to reduce waste, in case you ever find yourself at home with some time to kill, a whole salmon and a filleting knife! Oh, and we'll do all of this with a few refreshments in hand, because why not.

Ticket includes: 1/4 lb. of your choice of lox and refreshments.


Please note: We'll be working in a commercial kitchen that follows guidelines set forth by the RI Dept of Health. Please wear long pants and closed-toed shoes, and keep your hair tied back. Because we need to plan ahead for these events, we cannot offer refunds for cancellations.

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